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San Antonio, TX 78201-6305

Aero Accessories, Inc.

Aero Accessories, Inc. wants your business and we will treat you that way!


As an FAA certified repair station, you can

trust that we have the capabilities to do

the toughest overhauls and repairs your

engine accessories and hydraulic

components might need.

We provide full service aircraft radial

engine accessory overhauls and repairs.

We can also sell units outright.

When it comes to repairs for your radial

engine accessories, you need experienced

experts you can trust. At Aero

Accessories, Inc. we have more than 50

years of experience providing high quality

overhauls and repairs. Half of our

employees have been with Aero

Accessories, Inc. for over 20 years each.

We are a FAA certified repair station and

we are in business to serve the engine

accessory needs of all radial engine


More than 50 years of experience

A FAA certified repair station

We also have the capabilities to overhaul

or repair various DC3 and DC6 (and their

variants) hydraulic components such as

cowl flap actuators, struts, compensating

cylinders, wing flap struts, wheels,

pressure regulators, accumulators, etc.


We are interested in helping you with your

repair needs. We are willing to add units

to our operation specification/capabilities

list. Contact us to see how we can help.

Hydraulic Components

Call us for more information on our repair station or to learn more about our capabilities.


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