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Aero Accessories, Inc.

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• Float carburetors

• Pressure carburetors

• Master controls

• Automatic mixture controls

• Manual mixture controls

• Primer valves

• Fuel feed valves

• ADI (water) regulator

Aero Accessories, Inc. has over 50 years of experience as an FAA certified repair station. On this page you’ll find a partial list of our overhaul/repair capabilities. We are happy   to add capabilities to our Operation Specifications when necessary. If the unit you are looking for is not listed, please contact us anyway—this is not a complete list of our overhaul/repair capabilities.

Overhaul and repair

For more information on the capabilities of our FAA certified repair station, call us today. Our work is covered by a 6 month materials and workmanship warranty.


Carburetor and related items

• Fuel pumps, engine driven

• Submerged fuel boost pumps

• Externally mounted fuel boost pumps

• Fuel injection pumps

• Fuel injection nozzles

• Fuel pressure switches

• Fuel selector valves

• Fuel shutoff valves

• Fuel boost pump and motor assembly

Fuel components

• Pratt & Whitney R985, R1340, R1830, R2000, R2800, R4360  

• Curtiss-Wright R975, R1300, R1820, R2600, R3350

• Jacobs R755

• Continental R670

• Allison V1710, Merlin V1650

• And others

We provide engine accessories for the following engines:

• Direct drive

• Inertia

• 12 and 24 volts

• DC, 50-300amps

• 12 and 24 volt

• Voltage regulators

• Reverse current cutout relays

Generator system


• Magnetos

• Ignition vibrators

• Ignition harnesses

Ignition system

• Engine driven

• Wet type

• Vacuum warning units

• Hydraulic pumps, engine driven

• Hydraulic wiper motors

• Hydraulic selector valves

• Power brake valves

• Pressure regulator valves

• Struts

Hydraulic components

Vacuum pumps

• Hydromatic

• Counterweight

• Feathering assemblies

Propeller governors

• Fire detection relay panel

• Tachometer generators

• Fluid metering pumps

• Pressure Warning Units

• Tank Units (Liquidometer)

• DC6 Wheels


CTA New-Capabilities